Da’ Groove Machine en sofa sessions

Da’ Groove Machine en sofa sessions de LAND HO!

DA’ GROOVE MACHINE is a Hard Funk band from Madrid, Spain. Founded in 2013 by dominican singer and graphic designer Jay Rivera. The group consists of guitarist Santi Valldeperas, bassist David Monsalve, trumpet and harmonica player Nacho D’Antona, drummer Enrique Parra (recently incorporated) and vocalist Jay Rivera. The band started playing together as the house band for the “JAMMY SUNDAYS” jam session. This event was held every Sunday from October 13th 2013 until December 1st 2013 at a now extinct venue in Madrid.

Da’ Groove Machine: http://www.dagroovemachine.com/ .
Tema producido en LAND HO! audiovisual solutions de Mareike Nissen e Ivan Raymores. Canción NIGHT TIME LOVER compuesta y arreglado por Da’ Groove Machine.

sofa session anterior aquí, siguiente sofa session aquí.

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