It is a classic and is historic. We are more than happy to see the 33rpm vinyl of Los Timidos,
Teka - locuciones en inglés y castellano
We recorded for the global company Teka voice overs in English and Spanish. To record the voice over artists we
Programa de radio con Land HO!
At Land Ho! we continue to support emerging artists. We produce and record the radio show Zwischenstopp Madrid, Here you
Raymores is a singer, musician, composer and music producer. The release of his album “Click!” in June 2020 was not
LAND HO!'s Technical Tips
Which ist the bes way to use sequences in your live show? We want you to have a good sount
Locuciones y post-producción “La Peste”
Voice Overs and post-production “La Peste” Already for some time now we accompany professionally the project “La Peste”. We recorded