New album “Click!” by Raymores-production 100% at LAND HO!

Raymores is a singer, musician, composer and music producer. The release of his album “Click!” in June 2020 was not just the presentation of ten songs but his first step as a solo artist. He exposes his personality in a natural way, which sharply outlines an image of a balanced, thoughtful, socially active, animal loving, (vegetarian) and talented artist.

Singing mainly in English Raymores stays with his Latin American roots by writing some Spanish songs, too. Viewing his music style as alternative rock is fair, yet not sufficient. Latin and AfroAmerican influences can not be missed by an attentive audience. Keeping the creative process simple, Raymores’ music is easy to listen to. Substantial and critical lyrics transmitted in a positive and easy going mood are a distinct and recognizable attribute of his music. His style might be comparable with important artists like Ben Harper, José James, Jack Johnson, Asha among others.

The album “Click!” has been recorded, mixed and mastered at our studio LAND HO! You can stream and download it on all available platforms.