Recording:  We record music, voice overs, jingles, voice dubbing…

Music: To record the voice of a song, send us the track in advance or bring a usb stickto the recording session. To record instruments, a whole band or other more complex projects contact us to talk about detaills first. We count on a range of high quality microphones. You can check on our technical equipment here (list).

Voice overs: You can either bring your own voice over artist or let us know what type of voice you have in mind and we’ll arrange it for you. We’re in touch with a wide range of artists of different ages, dialects, accentsor languages. At LAND HO! we’re experienced in producing the off sound for advertisements, documentary films, audio books and other formats. You can check on our technical equipment here (list).

Mixing:We can mix sound recorded at our studio or you send us single trancks as omf/ aif etc. project. Please also send us a sound reference (music) or well organized and well detailled notes (advertisements, shorts, movies etc.).

5.1 mix: Our estudio is able to mix for 5.1. Or we base on the stereo mix we made, or you send us the project as an omf, aif etc.

Foley/Sfx: We’re drawing from a large pool of sounds, that we use to add ambience to your story. We are also able to modify sounds you have already recorded, by using filters. Furthermore we offer the service of adding a music-background to your voice over, as with an acoustic guitar, a keyboard or even a whole band.

Editing: You can bring or send us your tracks readily recorded so we can edit them, clean tracks, tune vocals or add instruments to get them ready for mixing. Very often we work with sounds recorded afield.

Arrangements: If you have a melody in mind and would like to convert it into a song, we will be able to help you after having talked details over, such as style, rhythm and references. We will help you with all the patience needed to develop the music that might be just in your head at this moment. With our backline (including several basses, guitars, drums, keyboards, electronic sounds etc. check the equipment list) we are able to create the music you are looking for.

Composing: We compose songs for your private or professional use. We are experienced in rock, pop, electro, house, drum and bass, funk, latin rhythms, folk, hip hop and more.

Live recording: We record concerts, plays and speeches, always having in mind that the conditions of the event have to be suitable. Therefore we will request detailed information about the physical and technical conditions of the venue. Some venues in Madrid are familiar to us.

Other services:

    • Technical supervision of concerts and events
    • Music videos
    • Corporative videos
    • Backline renting (instruments, amplifiers etc. Check the list or contact us.)
    • Technicians for show illumination
    • Sound technicians for shows
Equipment list