Welcome to LAND HO! audiovisual solutions; Your recording studio in the center of Madrid, Spain.We are specialized in recording, mixing and music arrangements, voice overs and dubbing. Our space is acoustically and technically designed to record any instrument because it was engineered and build by one of the greatest isolation architects of Spain, Santos Fernández.

We work with all kind of music, since we have worked with a wide variety of artists, of all ages, of little and great professional experience and even of international range, as we speak Spanish, English and German at LAND HO!. We attend to your doubts or inquiries with no compromise.


Recording: Music recording, voice overs, jingles, dubbing, tracking, and now and then even the steps of a flamenco dancer, too. If you have a song composed, send us a vocal guide or a demo and explain to us what you are looking for. We will check it and talk about details (This is verz practical with artists abroad), details like: if you prefer us making the music arrangements, If you bring your own musicians or if you want to record step by step or the entire band at once. For recording voice overs, you can come to LAND HO! with the voice over artist or tell us what kind of voice do you need and we search it for you. We have a wide catalogue of different ages, dialects, accents or languages. After recording comes always the mixing.

Mixing: When you record something you will have several individual sound tracks. Our mixing work is about gathering carefully the tracks until every sound has its place and has the appropriate and balanced volume and sound according with what you are looking for.

Folley/Sfx: We have wide list of sounds available, like steps, a starting car, the fight of two dwarfs, a growing flour etc., to give an ambient to your story. We are also capable of modify sounds that you have already recorded, by using filters. Other options include adding a music-background to you voice over, for example with an acoustic guitar, a keyboard or even with a whole band.

Editing: Very often we work with sounds recorded abroad. You can bring us (or send to us) your tracks already recorded and we can edit it, clean tracks, tune vocals, or add instruments to get ready to mix them.


Manuel García y Sol Escobar
Manuel Garcia & Sol Escobar
Manuel Garcia y Sol Escobar La canción “La Mariposa y el Farolero” ha sido grabada con Manuel Garcia y Sol
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