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It were two aspects that led to the founding of Land Ho! audiovisual solutions in 2016; on the one hand, Ivan Raymores realized that the time was ripe to use his expertise and accomplishments as a sound producer to create his own brand. On the other hand Mareike Nissen's skills in communication, promotion and organization appeared be to the perfect fit to create an independent brand in music production as a duo. Apart from starting the studio by carrying out classical audio work, Land Ho! avs was engaged in artistic and educational support projects, and eventually became a platform for services related to any audiovisual service. Great music, video, design, specialty sound, copyright and marketing professionals came together under the name Land Ho!. In this way, several specialists work hand in hand today. Land Ho! productions have been nominated at film festivals and music awards. Calmly but steadily we’re making a reputable name for ourselves in the audiovisual market.

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Iván Raymores

Alias “Raymores”, Producer and lead sound engineer for Land Ho! audiovisual solutions. Any audio-technical work passes through his ears before being delivered to the client.

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Mareike Nissen

General management and marketing. We can safely trust Mareike's organization skills. The tall german lady – born in northern Germany – was trained as a tourism management assistant in Cologne close to the french border. When she arrived in Madrid, she began to apply her knowledge in the cultural sector and since then has been involved as a producer, video editor, photographer and manager in various musical and commercial projects.


Spanish cat highly experienced in canalizing energies.

The Land Ho! family

Under the name Land Ho! audiovisual solutions professionals from different fields within the audiovisual sector have come to work together. We unite cultures, languages ​​and ideas of more than 6 nationalities so far and are always more than happy to broaden our horizons. We are much more than a recording studio, we are an international family of independent professionals who are united by passion for their trade and we believe in a better world.

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