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Our working space

The studio is divided into different areas. On the ground floor we have the office, a waiting and relax area with a kitchen. Here you can have a drink, rest and connect to wifi. Downstairs you enter our soundproofed studio area. It is divided into the control room and the recording room. Neither the heavy notes of a bass nor the hits of a drums get through the prepared walls and doors. The studio was soundproofed and designed in 2005 by the renowned architect Santos Fernández.


We record with a Digidesign C24 mixing table using Pro Tools. A range of microphones including different condenser microphones for vocals, sound pickup microphones for string instruments and complete microphones for recording drums is at your disposal to make sure all acoustic demands are met suitably and professionally – be it for music or voice over recordings.

Both preamps as well as external environmental sound effects are being used within the working process to create the fitting sound. We also offer 5.1. mixes. Videos can be viewed on a large screen in the control room as well as on another screen in the recording room to be used by artists when it comes to the synchronization of acoustic performances with videos.

Our complete backline is available to you too: Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, basses, drums, minor percussion, keyboards and a few more things. See the full equipment list for details. In case of any doubts, feel free to contact us and we'll see what can be arranged to meet your demands!


Currently, we are dedicated to working both with music of various genres, standing out in fusion works. Due to open mindet sound ingeneers with many years of work experience we love to mix musical genres or just add connotations of diffrent ambients and cultures. From its very start, the studio, its space and its equipment have been designed for any kind of audio work. The facilities were originally used by Studio Subunder, which withdrew for private reasons of its owner, and in 2016 inherited by Land Ho! audiovisual solutions, founded by Ivan Raymores and Mareike Nissen. Since then, numerous songs, complete albums, feature films, shorts, podcasts and voice overs have been composed, arranged, recorded, mixed, edited and mastered in the studio. Visit our blog for projects, artists and clients we’ve been working with!


We are situated in the Tetuan neighborhood, in the north of Madrid-Centre. What has been a residential area at the initial period of the studio, has grown to be a central and popular neighborhood, full of activities and businesses. Access is easy and fast both by car (green zone, blue zone 100 meters away), and public transport (metro line 1 and bus).

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